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Wegaw Webinar Series

Episode 2

Optimizing long-term trading by integrating observed snow data into hydropower models

When is this happening online?

Date: Thursday, January 19th 2023

Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm CET

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What to expect in this episode

Since 2021, we have been delivering reliable and scalable data driven solutions for hydropower stakeholders that optimize production and enhance trading efficiencies whilst supporting the industry in closing the gap on billions in lost potential revenue caused by trading edge loss. Our satellite derived datasets have a proven high accuracy monitoring track-record in delivering near real-time climate insights that can lead to trading price increases of up to 5% and may boost production by up to 10%.

During this episode our co-founder & CEO Ion Padilla and CTO, Daria Lüdtke will be joined by Nicolas Adam, Civil Engineer of Alpiq and Dr Frédéric Jordan, Director of Hydrique Engineers to share highlights and insights from our Swiss Federal Office of Energy supported project that involved just over a dozen hydroelectricity stakeholders from across the western Switzerland ecosystem, including:

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This exclusive webinar will highlight key takeaways from our scientific and industry collaboration project that produced datasets for 12 unique hydrologic basins throughout the Swiss French alps, and has resulted in long-term renewable energy trading optimization by up to 50% through the calibration of our satellite snow data into hydrological forecasting models.

We will of course provide audience members the opportunity to ask questions during another enlightening live Q&A session.

Meet your hosts

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Daria Luedtke, CTO, Geospatial Technologist, Wegaw headshot photo
Frédéric Jordan - Director - Hydrique Ingénieurs
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Our CTO, Daria Lüdtke will open the proceedings with a warm welcome and brief project overview, as well as a glimpse into how Wegaw’s cutting-edge geospatial capabilities were put to use for this one year long project. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ion Padilla will then briefly introduce our climate-tech startup Wegaw and speak about our role as project leader before introducing speakers from our integration partner – Hydrique Engineers, and from one of the project participants, Alpiq.

Dr Frédéric Jordan, Director of Hydrique Engineers will present information on the data integration process and modelling, whilst Nicolas Adam, Civil Engineer of Alpiq will share first-hand project experience and speak about the value of the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) datasets for the energy production company’s long-term trading forecasting.

To conclude this second episode of our Energy Transition Webinar Series, Ion will summarize the key findings and speak about the importance of the results for the hydropower sector. Finally, Daria will touch on lessons learnt and share thanks for all involved in this momentous project, before bringing the presentation section to an end and opening the floor to answer audience members questions for any of our speakers during another enlightening live Q&A session.

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Who is this webinar for?

Hydropower professionals who manage assets impacted by snowmelt, typically at hydropower plants in mountainous regions.

For instance, we expect to welcome asset managers, hydrologists, meteorologists, civil engineers, operators, engineers and data scientists from across the international hydropower industry community.

Read more about the project

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Energy Transition Webinar Series

Wegaw fuses satellite data with geospatial datasets and AI to extract scalable, highly accurate and near-real time environmental variable monitoring insights for renewable energy optimization.

As part of our mission to empower the digital energy transition, we are proud to present a regular opportunity for clean and green energy industry stakeholders and geospatial professionals to participate in online events comprising of:

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