Optimizing Clean Energy

We help companies generate more value from their renewable energy assets.

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Hydropower Energy Generation and Trading Optimization Through Snow & Water Data Monitoring.

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Increase in Energy Generation

through water and snow melt monitoring for short term water forecasting.


MWh Price Optimization in Energy Trading

through snow water equivalent monitoring for long term water forecasting.
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Earth Observation, Remote Sensing & Machine Learning Technology.

7+ Satellites from the ESA and NASA combined with the state-of-the-art machine learning methods enable both historical and near real-time analysis of snow and water data in any given region to forecast energy production.
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SCE Daily


Snow Cover Extent

SCE from 7 satellites, meteorological and in-situ data in near real time.

Wet & Dry


Wet & Dry Snow weekly

Information on wet and dry snow extent every 3-6 days.

Snow Depth


SD Low/Hi-Res

Low resolution SD from meteorological data daily / high resolution SD weekly from SAR.



Snow Water Equivalent

SWE based on DeFROST data, produced through snowmelt models from our partners.
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Why WeGaw?


No need for in-situ hardware & no regional dependencies:

our leading-edge integrative & proprietary technology combines AI and machine learning with data analytics across multiple earth observation platforms (NASA, ESA, JAXA).

Reduce uncertainty introduced by third-party models:

directly observed data sets are more accurate than interpolated data thanks to our novel SAR-based (Synthetic Aperture Radar) snow detection system.

Highly scalable and secure:

SaaS-based with demonstrated global deployment supported by robust software architecture, all developed and managed in Switzerland.

Internationally accredited R&D:

Our services have been internationally and nationally accredited through partnerships with ESA and the Swiss Space Office since 2018.

Deep end-to-end sector expertise and focus:

clean energy production and trading, accompanying the digital transformation of both old and new industry players.

International talent ecosystem:

Complementary and multi-skilled team of employees and advisers, focussed on go-to-market and operationally-driven added value for our partners and clients.


Multinational & Multidisciplinary

From Mountain Resorts to Transforming the Energy Industry.

We started offering alpine tourism destinations and ski resorts ways to improve their operations through space data. And it worked so well that we expanded our solutions to solve a broader range of challenges: We now deploy our refined technology and solutions for companies to generate more value by optimizing renewable energy assets.

We are hungry, daring and ambitious. It shows in our track records from CERN, EPFL, technology companies like Hewlett Packard and impact institutions like the United Nations. The combination of different disciplines like telecommunications engineering, geospatial technology and environmental science is key to how we innovate. We love to co-create, and it shows in how we work.

Today, we offer a game-changing ecosystem to help forward-thinking energy companies transition towards clean energy.


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