Maximizing solar power production in snow

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What to expect in this episode

Viewers will discover how a fusion of geospatial datasets and cutting-edge machine learning technology may help planners and installers of solar PV plants to :

➖ financial risk
➖ number of trading adjustments
➖ operational expenditure
➖ Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)
➖ maintenance requirements

➕ production efficiency
➕ energy security
➕ asset lifespan
➕ climate resilience
➕ due diligence

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Do you have any pressing challenges that we can assist you with? Do you have a project in mind that would really benefit from having access to highly accurate near real-time datasets?

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The speakers

During this episode our Co-founder & CEO Ion Padilla and CTO, Thomas James are joined by Shankaransh Srivastava, Vice President & Customer Success Manager at SmartHelio and our Spatial Data Scientist, Niamh French welcomed solar power professionals from across the world for an exclusive conversation that explores how solar PV assets can mitigate seasonal energy gaps during winter seasons.

shankaransh srivastava and tom james webinar discussion leaders
Ion Padilla and Niamh French webinar discussion leaders

Energy Transition Webinar Series

As part of our mission to empower a sustainable digital energy transition through satellite monitoring data, we look forward to hosting more webinars for the renewable energy ecosystem and geospatial professionals to participate in.

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