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Of course you’ll receive a link to replay the webinar and the presentation slides, however in the meantime we welcome you to peruse a number of helpful and insightful resources:

Interactive data maps, visualizations and technical reports

Our interactive Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) and Snow Height (HS) data visualization apps allow you to discover the relationship between snow characteristics and downstream flow at different times throughout the year and you may also download the accompanying technical reports:

Discover our Snow Height product

Snow Height Product Quality Assessment

Explore our Snow Water Equivalent product

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Latest article and case study

Below are a just a few content pieces for further reading that we hope will help to inspire your digital transformation journey and pursuit for climate resilience further:

Wegaw reveals ways to accelerate the renewable energy transition (via

DeFROST4Hydropower - Wegaw background

Wegaw and Enel optimize the clean energy of the future (via

Geospatial tech Wegaw Enel optimize the clean energy of the future

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