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Episode 1

Clean Energy Trading Optimization Through Satellite Data Analytics

The Webinar

During this insightful online event which took place on Thursday, October 6th 2022, our innovative R&D team members and climate-tech leaders showcased how near real-time satellite monitoring data is helping to optimize hydropower plant generation and trading capabilities.

Our inaugural episode of the Wegaw Energy Transition Webinar Series, provided an ideal opportunity to officialy launch our Snow Water Equivalent and Snow Height product visualizations and technical reports, as well as to honor of EU Space Week and World Space Week.

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What to expect in this episode

We deliver reliable and scalable data driven solutions for hydropower stakeholders that optimize production and enhance trading efficiencies whilst supporting the industry in closing the gap on billions in lost potential revenue caused by trading edge loss.

In this knowledge sharing experience, our esteemed R&D team demonstrate some of our data findings and technical comparisons with new visualizations for the hydropower industry and explain our proven high accuracy geospatial dataset suite are delivering near real-time climate insights that boost trading, income, production and climate resilience.

Key takeaways:

🛰️ Discover new electricity generation and trade pricing optimization with satellite derived data, AI and unique machine learning algorithms

🚀 Learn how to digitize existing infrastructure without scalability limitations and no additional investment into in-situ sensors or drone flights

🌐 Explore near real-time satellite datasets of snow height and snow water equivalent variables that can help to support decarbonization by boosting energy security, reliability and resiliency

📈 See real world examples of applied innovations in snowmelt monitoring with data validations and comparisons

Meet your hosts

meet your wegaw webinar hosts ion, daria, thomas and niamh

To conclude this very first episode of our Energy Transition Webinar Series, the key points will be summarized before our highly interactive  audience ask our speakers questions during an enlightening Q&A session.

Who attended: We proudly welcomed an exclusive array of hydropower experts from across the globe, including hydropower trading professionals who work with assets impacted by snowmelt, typically at hydropower plants in mountainous regions. For instance, energy traders, asset managers, hydrologists, project managers, data scientists, risk managers, civil engineers, power market analysts, innovation and digitalization specialists, operators, wholesale traders, energy managers, data analysts, power traders, market operations managers, options traders and strategy managers from across the international hydropower industry community.

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