Maximizing solar power production in snow

Welcome to Episode 3 of our Energy Transition Webinar Series

Welcome to our third webinar!

This highly engaging conversation originally took place on Thursday, May 4th 2023, and brought together members from the international solar power ecosystem, as well as our own energy transition and geospatial data experts, and certified solar professional Shankaransh Srivastava from this episode’s event discussion partner SmartHelio.

If you’re looking to install your next solar PV plant in a place that experiences seasonal snowfall, and need to fine-tune your development plans for optimal electricity production throughout the year, then request access to this webinar to discover how a combination of near real-time data and AI may help to strengthen market position, mitigate seasonal energy gaps, optimize asset lifespan and boost energy security.

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What to expect in this episode

During this episode of the Wegaw Energy Transition Webinar Series, Thomas James (CTO) and Ion Padilla (CEO), explored pertinent questions faced today by solar planners and developers whose power plants would be impacted by snow from technical and commercial standpoints. Audience members will learn how a unique fusion of historical, near real-time geospatial data and AI can help renewable energy companies, construction planners and project developers to reduce Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) by up to 15%, bring down operational costs and increase production efficiency.

For this webinar, our climate-tech startup welcomed Mr Shankaransh Srivastava, Vice President & Customer Success Manager of SmartHelio as a discussion partner on future solar installations. From its offices in Switzerland, the United States of America and India, SmartHelio’s growing team digitizes solar PV asset management and offers an advanced analytics platform with which to increase plant performance. Shankaransh joined Thomas and Ion for a timely and engaging conversation about how to maximize efficiencies of solar PV assets during winter time and how developers and planners may mitigate financial risk whilst optimizing due diligence.

Meet the discussion leaders

Ion Padilla - CEO - Wegaw - 2023 - webinar headshot
Niamh French - Spatial Data Scientist - Wegaw - 2023 - webinar headshot
Shankaransh Srivastava - SmartHelio 2023 - webinar
Thomas James - CTO - Wegaw - 2023 - webinar headshot

Niamh French, our Spatial Data Scientist opened the proceedings with a brief introduction to some of the challenges that Wegaw and SmartHelio are solving together. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ion Padilla and CTO, Thomas James present how our climate-tech’s fusion of historical, near real-time geospatial data and AI offers insights into potential future energy production values whilst supporting solar planners and developers to:

  • identify optimal installation sites
  • reduce Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) by up to 15%
  • bring down operational costs
  • minimize the risk of seasonal energy production loss caused by snow cover

Our discussion partner Shankaransh Srivastava, Vice President & Customer Success Manager presents how the company’s advanced analytics platform can help with solar PV asset management and shares insights on how to best maintain solar installations for optimal long-term results during winter time..

Following these insightful showcases, our discussion leaders participate in a live moderated roundtable discussion to delve into some of the most pressing challenges, as well as best practice considerations for a successful solar roll-out in snow impacted regions.

Our international audience members from the renewable energy industry took part in polls throughout the webinar and asked some really interesting questions during the highly engaging live Q&A session.

Who is this webinar for?

Developers and professionals who are planning to install solar PV assets in urban or rural areas impacted by snow and are interested in optimizing the energy output of PV installations in winter seasons.

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We look forward to welcoming individuals from across the renewable energy ecosystem, such as asset managers, project managers, data scientists, installation professionals, risk managers, civil engineers, innovation and digitalization specialists.

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