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Wegaw Webinar Series

Episode 1

Clean Energy Trading Optimization Through Satellite Data Analytics

The Webinar

Took place on: Thursday, October 6th 2022

Who attended: We proudly welcomed an exclusive array of hydropower experts from across the world, including asset managers, hydrologists, meteorologists, civil engineers, operators, engineers and data scientists.

What to expect from our first episode

To complement our recently launched Snow Water Equivalent and Snow Height product visualizations and technical reports, as well as to honor of EU Space Week and World Space Week, this online knowledge sharing event will showcase how near real-time satellite monitoring data is optimizing hydropower plant generation and trading capabilities.

🛰️ Discover new electricity generation and trade pricing optimization with satellite derived data, AI and unique machine learning algorithms

🚀 Learn how to digitize existing infrastructure without scalability limitations and no additional investment into in-situ sensors or drone flights

🌐 Explore near real-time satellite datasets of snow height and snow water equivalent variables that can help to support decarbonization by boosting energy security, reliability and resiliency

📈 See real world examples of applied innovations in snowmelt monitoring with data validations and comparisons

Introducing your hosts

Following an opening welcome from our entrepreneurial CEO, Co-Founder & Chairman – Ion Padilla, our esteemed R&D team will demonstrate some of our data findings and technical comparisons with new visualizations for the hydropower industry.

meet your wegaw webinar hosts ion, daria, thomas and niamh

The technical insights piece will be concluded by our incomparable CTO, Daria Lüdtke, after which our lively audience can help to create an enlightening live Q&A session. To end the first in this exciting arrange of discussions, our CEO will return to share a few key take-away thoughts.

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Energy Transition Webinar Series

As part of our mission to empower the digital energy transition through satellite monitoring data, we look forward to presenting a regular opportunity for clean and green energy industry stakeholders and geospatial professionals to participate in online events comprising of:

  • thought provoking conversations 
  • interactive live audience Q&A
  • data comparisons and technology explorations
  • innovative application reviews
  • executive and peer panel discussions
  • industry insights and best practice sharing
  • analysis of use case test results

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