Wegaw awarded CHF 1.4M Swiss Accelerator Grant by Innosuisse 

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Following on from the Swiss Innovation Agency’s announcement regarding the projects supported, here are just some of the highlights from our newest official press release:

Supported by Innosuisse, Swiss climate-tech startup Wegaw embarks on a two-year project with Mitta and Hydrique Engineers to build one of the most sophisticated geospatial digital twin technologies that will help energy companies and public agencies to maximize renewable energy production and tackle diminishing water supplies based on water availability forecasts.

“We are strongly supportive of Wegaw and the R&D pursuant of snow and water analysis.”
Monica Jill Vaksdal, Country Manager at Mitta Norway

By adopting this new and advanced snow, glacier, and water forecasting tool, Swiss companies, utilities, and public agencies will have near real-time data with which to increase electricity generation and optimize energy trading pricing strategies.

The new geospatial digital twin technology will be piloted and tested at home and abroad by leading hydropower companies in Scandinavia and Canada. 

“We are very proud to have been chosen in this highly competitive process to support Switzerland’s commitment to combating the national and global water crisis. Based on the impressive results from our recently completed Swiss collaboration with nine hydropower operators and Hydrique which saw long-term forecasting errors significantly reduced by up to 50%, our energy transition accelerating team is certainly well placed to complete this new phenomenal opportunity for which we are exceptionally grateful.”
Ion Padilla, CEO & Co-Founder

Full Press Release:

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